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on today’s episode of “what’s wrong in my life” my blanket does not cover my feet

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Santa Muerte Blanca
Santa Muerte  is a female folk saint venerated primarily in Mexico and the United States. A personification of death, she is associated with healing, protection, and safe delivery to the afterlife by her devotees.Not sanctioned by the Roman Catholic Church, her cult arose from popular Mexican folk belief, a syncretism between indigenous Mesoamerican and Spanish Catholic beliefs and practices. Since the pre-Columbian era Mexican culture has maintained a certain reverence towards death,which can be seen in the widespread commemoration of the syncretic Day of the Dead.  Iconographically, Santa Muerte is a female adaptation of the Grim Reaper, typically being depicted as a skeletal figure wearing a shroud and carrying both a scythe and a globe.Santa Muerte is marked out as female not by her figure but by her attire and hair; the latter was introduced by Enriquetta Romero. However, there are many variations on the color of the cloak, and on what Santa Muerte holds in her hands. -Wiki
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If you see this, please don’t kill yourself. You will thank yourself one day. You will be happy you are alive.
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Why one eyebrow always comin out Gucci and the other eyebrow comin out Walmart

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Nicki Minaj x Georges Seurat
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flower sunglasses
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